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Caribbean Partners We offer friendship and skills in the Caribbean or elsewhere

We are two German doctors and are traveling around the world since Easter 2000.
The length of our trip was made possible by many friendly helpful people and friends we met on our way - and by various ways of being helpful where needed. Even in exchange for accommodation and food.

Hand gegen Koje

Give us a shout if some of our skills could be of help for you - especially if you consider that our local services are mostly compensated in a non-monetary way such as lodging, food, diving...
or whatever seems appropriate at the place you live...

What the flow offered so far:

Divemasters barter for food & accommodation
Dive Shop:

- We are both PADI Divemasters with an experience of several hundred dives each.
- Among others we have divemastered driftdives in Tenggol, Malaysia and wreckdives in the WW II- wrecks of Coron, Philippines.
- Our medical and counselling background provides the comfort beginners need to feel the fun of diving.
- We'd like to accept the next good offer to participate at the IDC.
- We travel with ABC- equipment and will need all additional diving equipment from the dive shop.

Divemasters travelling around the world Divemasters

We barter for food and accommodation

If you run a resort, guesthouse or hotel, you might be interested to hear what we have done for other resort- owners so far: We
- Took care of a resort for several weeks in absence of the owner
- Provided medical service for the resort's guests and staff
- Took better digital pictures for the resort's website
- Entertained french, german or english speaking guests
- played music
- enlarged the kitchen's culinary recipe pool
- Taught swimming or snorkeling to (small) guests
- swept the beach
- talked about our stay at our homepage (about 80,000 visitors monthly)
- helped out in the adjoined Dive Shop
- took care of kids and taught them swimming
- designed the resort's website
- took scenes for a Digital Video of the resort

Astrid resort managemant for food and accomodation
Resort Management

yacht crew for food and accomodatin

If you're sailing the oceans and are looking for crew, we might be the right companions for you.
Not so much because of our still minor sailing skills, but maybe because of other advantages we provide:
- maybe it's a good idea to have a yacht's medical equipment professionally checked or to have MDs on board
- Astrid is a good cook
- We're both divemasters so if you are a diver yourself, you will always have a buddy on board
- As MDs we're used to taking responsibility and nightshifts
- Design the yacht's website
- We speak German, English, French fluently, our Spanish gets better day by day
- We know about life in the tropics
- We're easy to get along with and our social skills should help to maintain good spirits on board, especially on longer turns

crew for food and accomodation
Crew on Yacht

travel doctors

If you want to travel the (sub-) tropics but don't like to do so without medical attendance, we might be the right doctors for you.
Being specialised in rehabilitative medicine, MArtin would be the right partner to care for handicapped Co- travelers, whereas Astrid can be helpful by doing acupuncture.
We are used to adapt to other people's need while traveling in company.
You're welcome to ask for more details by

Travel doctor
Travel Doctors
travel doctors
Acupuncture in the tropics

  Worldwide Offers:

House Sitting
(Kids- Garden- Pet- and Horse-Sitting)

If you have to leave your house in the tropics for more than 5 weeks and if you are looking for someone reliable to
- sit your house
- maintain your garden
- keep your dog in shape
- make your cat happy
- entertain your parrot
- take care and ride your horse(s) while you are away, we might just be the right people to ...

tropical house sitting
Tropical House-Sitting
tropical house sitting
Pet- and Horse-

pet sitting
English  German
French  German

As native German speakers we offer to translate your English or French text into German at the very competitive rate of 10-20 US-cents per word - depending on the kind of text.
Our experience in web publishing and HTML- code can come handy for webdesigners who want to add German content to their English or French websites.
As we are both medical doctors, this offer applies also to medical translations.
Of course we'd also be happy to translate your (business) letter, your curriculum vitae, or whatever other English / French text you want to have translated into German.
Please do us.

website translation
into German

German website optimization
Website-Translation and Optimising (SEO)
for German visitors

Do German speaking people find the german written parts of your website, do they feature the right keywords - and do German search engines list them correctly?
If not, you might consider to let us optimize your website so that German visitors and search engines will find it.
We are used to publish and optimize websites for German search engines, know which keywords are likely to be searched for and how to target your homepage.
And while we're at it - maybe we can also contribute a beautiful picture from our vast digital photo stock?

German website targeting

photostock tropical photos
Digital Photos

We took harddrives full of digital pictures from (sub-) tropical motives and regions all over the world:
Nature, landscapes, buildings, beaches and what not else.
If you need a photo with a tropical motive - we just might have it in our digital photo stock (or make it).
Maybe you already find what you need by browsing through our pages - if not, you're more than welcome to

Tropical photos
Tropical Photos

Why are we so affordable?

Because we just want to keep learning, traveling at low pace and surf the flow -
and all we really need is an internet connection.

So where are we?
2010/2011 we will be travelling in the english and french speaking Caribbean, mostly Barbados.
If you have a good friend who might be interested, please tell him about our website !

More about us on the following pages...

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