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Welcome to our international worldtrip- pages !

A decade long journey around the world on worldtrip.de
we are Astrid & MArtin, continuously traveling around the world with two backpacks since the year 2000.
Kid with kid in South America
Our private travelsite is being made "on the road" and uploaded from cybercafes at various places all over the world, e.g. from Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, USA and from many different Caribbean Islands.

Originally this website was meant as a travel log to keep

Your travel-planning tool with:
- Popular Holiday Destinations
- World Travel Climate
- Global Country Information
with Photos
- Points Of Traveller's Interest
- Hotel- and Hostel - Accommodation
- Flights
- Travel Literature...
Travel-infos around the world for independent globetrotting and individual travel preparation

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Kingdom of Tonga

our parents and friends informed from what we thought would be a one year's trip around the world with a 12 month round-the-world-ticket from Star Alliance.
We appreciated their existing liberty of adapting flight dates to individual needs and followed our travel flow as we felt it.
But our flow was too slow:
When our RTW ticket ran out after a year of traveling, we had just arrived in the Kingdom Of Tonga, South Pacific, which happens to be the other side of the world, nearly the antipode of Germany.
None the less we didn't feel like hurrying back home, but after living on Tonga for 15 months, just kept traveling instead.
We didn't stop to do so ever since.
Thanks to partners we were happy enough to meet on our way (see also Hall Of Fame), our worldtrip went on for over 9 years now, traveling became our permanent lifestyle and serendipitously took us to much more countries than any around the world ticket ever could.
We always continued to publish our travel experiences - even under the sometimes quite adventurous conditions of low budget backpacking. Despite the horrible design (we are no web designers!) our illustrated travel diary eventually developped into a well visited useful travel portal for (German speaking) travelers and tourists who needed infos for their own travel projects.
Only lately we added a few helpful bilingual German - English chapters (see list at left) - and the english WorldTravelMap, where you can check out destinations for your trip, retrieve local Wikipedia-infos, watch photos from all over the world, check the climate worldwide for each month of the year, find hotel- and hostel- accommodation, look up flights or travel literature and much more...

Travelers and Co- Travelers
Traveling all over the world for today, we shared time and experiences with very different people of many different Tonga - weddingcultures at very different places and continents.
Some were residents at the places we lived at for some months, others were expats or are traveling (diving, wwoofing, bartering) their way around the world - just like us.
Common experiences and the bilateral wish to interact with each other in a deeper human way established relationships that could develop in friendships for a lifetime.
Opening ourselves up and being invited to take a glance into someone else's inner and outer world view, values, lifestyle or code of morals, turned out to become the most fascinating aspect for us on our world travel.
Quite different from what some powerful politicians and media want us to believe, we found that wherever in the world, whatever colour or religion - we all live and react on common ground.
We are all driven by that universal language of the same emotions we all share as human beings.
Just it's triggers sometimes seem to set us apart from each other.

English Travel Diary
In our German written travel diary we talk and show pictures of places we stayed at and of experiences we made on our way around the world.
Most of the friends we made on the road cannot read German.
So we Thailandfelt a growing desire to make our web site understandable for some dear friends out there.

Unfortunately we don’t have the time (and haven’t found anyone yet who has) to write a complete english version - and our own english version wouldn’t be as ‘funky’ as the one in our native german tongue anyway.
Beginning in the Kingdom Of Tonga, we nevertheless tried to translate the essence of some of the chapters in English and to publish bilingual pages.
Our English is far from being perfect (the better we speak, the more we realize that), so we are grateful for hints towards optimizing our pages.

How to browse through bot-translated pages:
Open Home and click on the Babelfish-logo at the bottom and ente the URL you were just visiting.
You then will be able to browse directly through all the pages and see them translated into English or French.

The robot's translation is mostly understandable, sometimes funny but hardly quite correct.

Worldwide communication
Travelers nowadays maintain contact from cyber cafes all over the world, exchange personal where-abouts and travel news, provide information about magic places and good people all over the world.
The weltreiseforum.de ("worldtrip-forum") is our contribution to build such a travel community - check it out - but most of the threads are written in German.

About www.weltreiseforum.de
We like to keep the worldtrip-forum an independent, strictly non-commercial tool for individual long term travelers to:

- share travel- experiences with other co- travelers
- post questions another traveler might be able to answer
- find updates on the places described in our diaries
- write down adventures or thoughts for others to read
- discuss any (travel-) issues with other folks
- share useful links without commercial interest
- find a travel partner

The Weltreiseforum is a friendly platform that connects individual travelers, divers and friends all over the world to share information of the world’s best spots without involving financial interests.
If you happen to speak German, please feel free to take a look and to join our steadily growing travel community.

Thank you for your interest in worldtrip.de and, if we have met somewhere, for your friendship and the quality time we could share with you.
Please consider to sign our guestbook and stay tuned, as we keep traveling and might meet again - at some other magic place in this world.

Astrid & MArtin Barbados

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